For All Genders

The Raw Beauty of Silver: New chunky rings are now available In any size

We are excited to announce the launch of our first unisex capsule collection, Odyssey

The capsule contains four pieces, including timeless classics such as a signet ring and a simple band ring. We wanted to start building this unisex selection with rings that are suitable for any gender and occasion

Each ring is twice as thick and heavy compared to existing designs we already have. This provides customers with more options to choose from based on whether they prefer their jewelry to be lighter or heavier, raw and matte or shiny and polished

Created to be worn

'Embedded within every human being is the desire to see and to be seen. We want to embrace the world with our bare skin and reveal the many textures of our true self. Wish you were naked is a sensory ode to that sentiment, the breathless rush we get from shedding our masks for the first time, that tantalising moment when we are simply skin and bones, meeting the universe with all our multitudes shimmering in the light'


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