Wish you were naked is a jewelry and clothing brand established in 2017 by Dara Muscat. Working as a jewelry designer since 2012 she's been dreaming to build her own project where open heart, curiosity and creativity stands before business aspect. In 2018 Dara asked her best friend Tania Berries to join her on this journey to create a better story together.

We like to think that clothing and jewelry are sort of language we communicate with others with no words: this is how we feel, this is where our minds are, this is what important to us.

"I wish you were naked to see you as you are in your pure open self but I'm open to get to know you in time and to learn all these sides of you and what is important to you."

We want to explore more about how we connect with clothing and jewelry we wear, how we take it off and how we choose what to put on.

We are not a clothing label. We don't use a big production. We make only small quantities and once the item is sold - it won't be repeated in the same color and fabric.

All our jewelry is made-to-order by hand in our studio. Seasonal pieces are available to order only for three months after launch and won't be repeated later.

We thank our community for making our creativity possible.