wish you were naked is a jewelry and clothing brand established in 2017 by Dara Muscat. Working as a jewelry designer since 2012 she's been dreaming to build her own project where open heart, family vibe and creativity stands before business aspect. In 2018 Dara asked her best friend Tania Berries to join her on this journey to create a better story together. Dara moved to Bali to learn more about sustainability and ethical clothing production, to have a small factory team and to work with no plastic, no toxic dyes, no poly fibers policy.

In jewelry design we are using knowledge about native symbology designing every piece as a modern talisman wearable in a modern environment. Every collection is connected to one or few areas of our lives helping to achieve better results, take care, motivate, ground or inspire its owner.

Our clothing stands for comfort and relaxed style inspired by menswear and created to wear everyday. Every clothing collection is limited, has only one drop and never repeated in the same color and shape.



We love clothing but there is nothing more sustainable and real than our own skin. Making jewelry as a perfect everyday talisman for already 6 years we've been dreaming that one day we will create a clothing we will enjoy to cover our skin with. Timeless shapes and colors, all natural fabrics, balance between masculine and feminine. With a joy to put it on and to take it off. 

We love our planet. We are not using any plastic, all our garments are natural and we are doing our best to minimize leftovers, recycling and donating leftovers to upcycling projects. Subscribe to our newsletter to know all about our stories.

If you work with an environment and/or upcycling projects and you have an idea how to collaborate or want our help, please send us an email to with all your thoughts and we will think how we can help or support.