'Our jewellery is not loud and booming, it is a whisper in the gentle night, a quiet hum to a saccharine symphony. And that is why we are timeless'


Embedded within every human being is the desire to see and to be seen. We want to embrace the world with our bare skin and reveal the many textures of our true self. Wish you were naked is a sensory ode to that sentiment, the breathless rush we get from shedding our masks for the first time, that tantalizing moment when we are simply skin and bones, meeting the universe with all our multitudes shimmering in the light

The jewellery we make is a tool to enable the unfiltered self-expression we’d like to see in our lives. There is an underlying essence to us all, something soft and curved, silverine and glistening. Wish you were naked taps into that secret self and raises it to the forefront. Our jewellery is not loud and booming, it is a whisper in the gentle night, a quiet hum to a saccharine symphony. And that is why we are timeless


Our design philosophy is about capturing naked touch and translating it into an ornament of identity. We work with textures that you can find in the cosmos, from raindrops hitting the surface of a river to the cratered bulges of an asteroid. Our pieces are created to be worn daily

We use sterling silver, a traditionally masculine metal, and create representations of a feminine universe with it. There’s no cramped factory or 3D printers involved in our process. We work in a small team in our studio in Bali in collaboration with Balinese silversmith and his family. We don’t keep stocks - every piece you order is custom made. We model our jewellery with wax to keep our process close looped and sustainable. We’re not here to take the world by the storm, but to carefully unravel it and honour what is revealed


the Classics

Our bestsellers from over the years contain an ease and grace to their design, a certain timelessness. The pieces are imagined as heirlooms, they are to be passed on from mother to daughter, father to son, to be worn as second skin - a visible reminder that the only thing you need to be in this life is your true self. 


Introducing the Alba collection! Our vision was to convey the feeling of freshness and hope for a new day. We incorporated the lucky and strong quatrefoil symbol and intricately wove beautiful roses into the hand-carved designs. This collection embodies romance, hope, softness, and strength, inspiring self-discovery and a sense of adventure. Designed as a steadfast companion on life's winding path, it becomes your courageous talisman, guiding you through the ever-changing tides.

In a River

In a river takes you to the meandering ebbs and flows of a river in the forest. It speaks to the way raindrops hit the surface of the water, the way the polished stones lose their hard edges over the years, the pulsing flow that carries us forward. It is the innocence of a curious hand discovering a river bank on a rainy day, when the self and the world dissolves into one.