Please check the Sizing guide before you order a ring. If you are unsure of your size, we recommend getting sized correctly at your local jeweler, use a ring sizer app on your device or write us an email.

YES! We do. You can find it here!

All our pieces are handcrafted in Sterling Silver, there may be slight differences, inclusions on metals, finishings and/or stones – such as tool marks, uneven surfaces and slight color variances. Please take this into consideration when purchasing from us

Silver is a very soft metal and prone to scratches, dings, changing shape and can tarnish over time especially if not worn. We advise to take it off when you are caring heavy objects or bags, having a shower or washing hands. Use a soft cloth to clean it. Wear it carefully. Love your jewels and take care of it.

There’s no cramped factory or 3D printers involved in our process. We work in a small team with a silversmith and his family in Bali. We don’t keep stocks - every piece you order is custom made. We model our jewelry with wax to keep our process close looped and sustainable. We’re not here to take the world by the storm, but to carefully unravel it and honor what is revealed. 

Everything you touch from the jewelry piece to packaging is made here in Bali by hand.

We pronounce it as 'why, when?' although we still prefer to call it by its full name.

Definitely. We do not store any credit card details nor do we share your personal information with any third party. 

Once an order is submitted online, you can cancel within 24 hours, please contact us straight away at